The USWNT Snapchat Takeover

How does the USWNT utilize Snapchat?


Within the most recent years, social media has been a way for celebraties to reach out and connect with their fan base. It also has been a way for significant people to become more relevant, gain a larger fan base and to promote themselves. According to DMR Digital Statistics and Gadgets, there are 158 million daily active users and it is the second world’s most popular application, in which the USWNT is taking advantage of that. Snapchat is a way for the common everyday person to gain closeness with their favorite celebraties. As well, the fantasy of seeing a celebraties everyday routine and to see how they live a “normal” lifestyle is extremely appealing to the regular person. This type of promotion can make the common Snapchat user feel important because they are getting special treatment because they choose to follow a celebrity and the other general public who doesn’t follow them are unaware of the special news these Snapchaters are aware of. That being said, the USWNT is using Snapchat to further themselves and their brand by doing their USWNT Snapchat Takeover.

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris pose on Snapchat prior to a game


The United States Women’s National Soccer Team has an official Snapchat called USSoccer_WNT. On their Snapchat, it gives everyone a look at what goes on when the team is together. There isn’t a specific person who is said to run the account but all players and coaches are obviously featured. When the team is officially together there will be videos and pictures of the different players doing their daily routines on the accounts Snapchat story. But, the account gets interesting when the players do a daily #Takeover. The daily #Takeover is when one of the players personally uses the account and posts all different things about their day. This includes breakfast, to hanging out with teammates, practices and funny videos of players being goofy. Each player gets to do this different days but it’s always a surprise on who and when.


USWNT members on Snapchat during practice


Now, how does the USWNT utilize Snapchat to extend their brand? The USWNT utilizes Snapchat and other forms of media to target their main audience of young kids from ages 10+ to young adults. The people who are going out and attending the actual soccer games are young children and their families. Through social media such as Snapchat, children as well as young adults are getting educated on when the games are and they are becoming more obsessed with the actual players because they get an inside look of their lives. Snapchat feeds the craze of obsessed fans because they learned more about players through this application because other social media doesn’t allow for this connection to happen. It is common for the USWNT Snapchat account to post stories about purchasing game tickets a month prior to the actual kickoff. This type of promotion reminds the audience about the event, allows them to see where they can purchase the tickets and brings traffic to other social media accounts as well as traffic to the overall main website.


I said it then and I will say it again: I am convinced, after significant research, investigation and personal experience, that the “soccer mom” is NOT who we should be marketing to.Former professional soccer player Joanne Lohman comments on promoting the game to a younger audience.


The USWNT is using Snapchat to target their main audience of young children. These young children will then be influenced and more infatuated as the account posts more, which will lead to them bugging their parents to purchase game tickets. This domino affect is exactly what the team wants because the more tickets sold, the more revenue for the team and this is all being done because of proper Public Relations tactics. Each player has their own personal fan base and when they personally do a Snapchat takeover, they combine their own fan base and the team’s fan base as a whole. This is a win-win situation for everyone because the player and the team gain more followers because of the one common denominator, which is the player. What this all leads to is the proper promotion of the team, players and events. Snapchat opens the door to so many opportunities and the USWNT is taking advantage of all their options by using this app.


Megan Rampinoe (left) Snapchat takeover featuring teammate Morgan Brian


When it is all said and done, the PR team of the USWNT is doing the right thing by using Snapchat to engage their fans. It is extremely important in this business to keep the popularity of this team increasing because women’s sports already are underrated throughout the world. As years pass, the team’s popularity has increased not only because they are good at soccer but also because players have developed their brand and fan base. Snapchat is a platform where the team is publicized and where players get to show fans their true personalities. Fans want to know what it’s like to walk in these players’ shoes, or should I say cleats, and take a back door look at their lives. As I mentioned before, Snapchat sets itself apart from other media platforms because it allows the general public an inside look. This will then lead to the increase of fan loyalty, fan craze and the promotion of the overall team. Finally, the USWNT is doing a good job on Snapchat but I’m interested in what else they have to offer.

What do you think the USWNT should do next?


USWNT Snapchat story promoting Rio 2016


Checkout a full USWNT Snapchat takeover of Kelly O’hara:


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